What is block paving cleaning ?

This is where a high pressure machine is used along with specialist rotary cleaners to remove dirt and debris from block paving.

Can concrete paving be cleaned ? 

Yes there is just a little bit more care needs to be taken as the high pressures that machines create can lift and damage the concrete so we use a lower pressure on certain surfaces.

Is block paving cleaning expensive ?

We have one of the cheapest block paving cleaning services in the London, Kent, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Can block paving cleaning get rid of years of neglect ?

Yes as the equipment that's used can penetrate deep and remove stubborn dirt easily and safely.

Are block paving cleaning chemical safe for the environment ?

We only use approved cleaning materials that are recommended safe for the environment.

We also offer guttering cleaning services as well as commercial cleaning services.

We use the very latest equipment to ensure your paving and commercial cleaning is carried out to the very highest of standards.