Drainage Experts Drain CCTV Surveys London, Kent, Essex

Drainage Experts Drain CCTV Surveys London, Kent, Essex

What is a drain CCTV survey

A drain CCTV survey is where a specialist piece of equipment is inserted into the pipe work and can see the condition of the pipe's  and the more advanced systems can record the footage and then record it on to a DVD for the customer.

This is what we can provide.

Why would I need a drain CCTV survey ?

A survey is usually required if there are blockages or there is reports of leaks which might be causing damp up walls or there is a rat infestation or something along those lines.

How much is a drain CCTV survey ?

CCTV surveys varies from company to company and the vast majority charge per hour or half hour, this is something we do not do as its an expensive type of CCTV survey for the customer so we charge a flat rate no matter how long it takes so no hidden extras or gimmicks.

How do I book a Drain CCTV  Survey ?

Customers can call or email us to book their survey it takes less than 5 minutes to book your survey.

Can I see my drain CCTV survey ?

Yes of course, we record everything on to DVD so you can see exactly what we see.

What is a Drain Survey Report ?

This is where the engineer carrying out the CCTV survey notes all the relevant information for the customer, this information includes the type of pipe work it is Clay,Plastic,Concrete etc, the diameter of the pipe work, the condition of the pipe work, the length of the run's, condition of the manhole chambers, condition of the interceptors and much more.

This is what Drainage Experts Ltd can provide you in your CCTV survey report.

Is a Drain Survey report included in the CCTV survey ?

Yes a full report is included in your CCTV survey.

Do you include proof of what your reporting on the CCTV survey ?

Yes you get a full colour DVD so you see what we see.

Do you come recommended ?

Yes we have hundreds of positive reviews on the internet, we are also an approved Thames Water approved contractor and we are also recommended by Aspray's the UK largest home insurance broker.

                                                    Drainage Experts.

     Specialists in carrying out all types of drain CCTV Survey inspections for our London, Kent, Essex clients .

Drainage Experts have extensive experience in the CCTV Drain surveying industry working with specialist house builders and individual homeowners, our expertise and experience allows us to understand the drainage network system.

 We are approved by Thames Water to be approved to be on the lot 3 register which many others are not, all our operators are fully trained in the use of CCTV drain survey equipment.

Drainage Experts carry out drain surveys on all sizes of buildings and commercial premises.

We operate a fleet of multi equipped inspection vehicles fully equipped with the latest high pressure jetting equipment and the latest CCTV drain survey camera equipment, all have sonde tracing capabilities which enables us to survey, trace and clean pipes as small as 75mm diameter up the larger diameter pipe work.

We offer free estimates and no call out charge Telephone 08006349932 or 07506887852. 

Or you can send us an email londondrainageexperts@gmail.com

All drain CCTV surveys or site visits must be paid on the day of booking & prior to us sending out an engineer we will ask for payment over the phone if paying by debit or credit card  there is a 1.5% fee applicable on the total outstanding.

If you book repair works the following day after your drain CCTV survey then the full cost of that repair work must be made before work commences by Debit or Credit Card, if its a week before we normally take 50% of the cost & final payment on completion when your happy with the works, this is due to customers getting us to order expensive materials & then cancelling on the day we keep our costs down for our customers by making sure we have no outstanding debts so we can continue to offer the first class work we do.

Drainage Experts use the industry approved Wincan drainage reporting software which is industry standard as used by the major utility waste networks, we have various options of CCTV drain survey that suits various needs from build over projects, party wall agreements, new home buyers drain CCTV surveys, installing new drainage systems or connecting into existing drainage systems.

 Wincan drain reporting software is the no 1 choice for professionals.



From our control centre, we can dispatch our Drain CCTV Survey Engineers across the whole of London Kent, and Essex to carry out your drain CCTV survey.

Drainage Experts  CCTV  is available 7 Days a week to carry out your CCTV drain survey day or night or at the weekends, we meet the customers requirements, all surveys are recorded using the latest and up to date equipment and the Win-Can system, this records directly to a computer system which is then transferred on to DVD.

We carry out domestic and commercial drain tracing done using a sonde or sonar which emits a signal that can be accurately traced above ground to locate problems such as buried manholes, drain pipes etc and approximate depths are also given.

What you get 

  • Full Written CCTV drain survey report plus a DVD recording
  • All references to manhole depths and locations within the property
  • A qualified engineer to carry out the CCTV drain survey inspection

Freephone: 08006349932

Mobile: 07506887852       Tel: 01322 401157
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