Drain Clearance and Unblocking Information

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What is Drain Clearance ?

This is where blockages or debris is removed from pipe work, manhole chambers, culverts etc.

Do drain cleaning products work ?

No they are a gimmick and also extremely harmful to the environment as they enter the water table and stay in the environment for a very long time.

What Drain Clearance methods are there ?

A few methods are

* Rodding this is where rigid or flexible rods with an attachment are used to move the blockage.

* High Pressure Jetting this is where mechanical machines shot water out of nozzles that are connected to flexible hoses at very high pressures, this method is excellent at moving stubborn or difficult to reach blockages and as it only uses water its kind to the environment and will leave your pipe work spotless and free of sludge and limescale.

Here at Drainage Experts  we get asked about drain cleaning products and do they work and in our experience they don't for instance if there is a blockage 4m down your drainage system no product can penetrate through that and some of these products are expensive corrosive & extremely dangerous for householders to use as most recently on the 1/1/2015 in Deptford South London a gentleman died using drain cleaning products so please do not listen to what these products claim to do as its just marketing, nothing substitutes Drain clearance and unblocking with high pressure jetting of your drains to keep them running as they should.

Call the original Drainage Experts as there are many copies on the internet but only one original & that is us. 

We can fix cracks or other damage like the damage in the picture above, through our drain relining services covering Essex, London, Kent.

 We are specialists in all types of drainage repairs so call the Drainage Experts.

We can remove root mass from your drains absolutely no drain cleaning product can do this it is not possible so don't waste your money on such drain cleaning products your money is better spent getting it done correctly in the first place by using equipment designed to remove such root mass blockages.

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