What is Drain Tracing?

Drain tracing is where a camera or a drain tracing sonde is inserted into the pipe to be traced and someone with another hand held machine traces a signal usually 33khz above ground.

Why would I need drain tracing?

This service would normally be required if you needed to see where buried pipes are located.

 If you were building an extension or you wanted to connect to existing pipe work for a new drainage connection or there was other work like deep excavation going on and you needed to map out the existing pipes so you do not cause any damage to them as your liable for any damage you cause to any gas, electric or water pipes.

Any contractor doing any type of excavation work's should be NRSWA accredited and have public liability insurance.

Is Drain Tracing Expensive?

We carry out cheapest drain tracing service in the UK.

Can all types of pipes be traced?

Yes most types of pipes can be traced and if you want to find buried electric cables we can also find and trace them.

Is Drain Tracing Accurate?


Yes we can pinpoint pipe work within a few inches and we can also determine the depth but locating the depth of pipes is more difficult.

Is Drain Tracing safe?

Yes it's perfectly safe as the equipment used do not emit any harmful signals.