Drain Repairs and Maintenance 

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What is drain repairs and Maintenance ?

This can be done a number of ways, if the pipe work is severely damaged then its best to remove it and replace it with more modern materials.

Or another way to do repairs on drains is by relining the pipe work more information on this process can be found here https://www.drainage-experts.com/drainrelining.htm

Who can carry out drain repairs and Maintenance ?

This should only be done by qualified competent contractors that have the experience and the correct equipment to carry out the repairs https://www.drainage-experts.com/drainage-contractor

How much does it cost to repair drains and carry our maintenance ?

The cost Varies as there are too many things to take into consideration like what type of pipe work is it ?, how deep is it ?, is there access to the damaged pipe work ?, is it underneath the property ?, is it to be relined or dug up and replaced ?

What if I share my drains with another property ?

Only contractors that are Thames Water approved should be working on drainage systems that are shared with other properties https://www.drainage-experts.com/drain-ownership-facts

What is the difference between a foul and a storm drainage system ?

The foul system is what takes your waste away from your toilets and your storm drainage system is for rainwater run off like roofs and paving etc

Is my drainage system a combined system ?

If all your foul waste and storm water goes into one single chamber then yes its a combined system. If there are two separate manholes one for foul and one for storm water then it's not a combined system.

Can drains be repaired and maintenance carried out without digging them up ?

Yes in certain cases we can reline the drains and you can find out more information on this type of repair https://www.drainage-experts.com/drainrelining.htm