Drain Relining: The various systems include

  • Cold-Cure Polyester Lining - suitable for many situations and favoured by most insurers.

  • Warm/Hot Cure Polyester Lining is better suited to longer runs and has won the approval of the Water Research Council.

  • Flexi-Lining - as its name implies, employs a liner made from a very flexible material and is ideal where there are many bends and curves within the affected drain.

Our Services:

Drain CCTV Surveying: Wincan or hand written reports available.

* Drain Repairs

* Water Services

* Ducting Services

* Drainage Testing services

* Drain maintenance

* Drain tracing services ( Sonde & Dye Tracing)

* Homebuyers surveys

* High Pressure jetting

*  Dig ups

*  Non Return Valves fitted

* Interceptor Cleaning

* Manhole installations

* Rat infestations Solved

*  Rat baiting traps fitted

* Civil works undertaken